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It is time to discover the combination of physical, mental and spiritual practice that for thousands of years have actively engaged Yoga Practitioners.  Yoga can be practiced by all.  Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, stiff or flexible, man or woman, Yoga has the power to heal you, to calm the mind and to strengthen the body.  Any ordinary person can reap the benefits of yoga, you do not have to be a Yogi!

You just need a laptop or phone and some space to practice. You’ll be able to see the teacher leading the class, who will also be able to see you and interact to offer variations or answer any questions. If you are new to using zoom it’s very simple – you might like to check out Classes are taught by Padma Nair Group & Private

Gentle/Soft Yoga
This is a program of once per week classes developed for people with no yoga experience.
SOFT yoga uses gentle techniques to improve flexibility, boost circulation and lift spirits. It is a nurturing practice with a focus on general well being.
The SOFT Yoga program is of particular benefit for people who do not perform regular exercise, have limited movement and those who are heading towards their senior years. It is a wonderful introduction to a gentle practice for improved health and serenity.

In this hour-long session, we will be working with breath, meditation and soft gentle movement.
No experience is necessary, and we can adapt for all types of bodies. Have a blanket, block, pillows, shawls/strap handy to use as props.
Please let us know if you are working with any injuries or illnesses.

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