PadmaKarma – Yoga Teachers Training Kerala review

Review from Amel (December 2019)

Deciding to undertake a yoga teacher training is a huge step in one’s life. This is the foundation training and the beginning of a journey. It took me time to choose the school because I knew precisely what I wanted/needed : Hatha tradition, a deep teacher/student relationship as well as a good group energy. My experience at Padma Karma Yoga School went beyond my expectations. It was an intense experience as a student and a future teacher. You can expect commitment, expertise, wisdom, in theory and practice. Through ups and downs, attempts, discipline, the human chemistry in this school made me grow and develop my projects. The training opened doors and made me a stronger person confident enough to teach. Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet a teacher who lift you up beyond your limits, both mental and physical, I will never forget the morning classes with Jinu and I am forever grateful. Sending all my love & respect to the teachers & students of this school.

Review from Tim Linely
I happened across Pink Flowers by chance. I had visited Kerala on an organised retreat with my London based studio. I decided to extend my stay and asked some locals where I could continue my practice. They sent me to Padma. I was an inexperienced yogi. My body was tight. I had numerous injuries due to my seven year career as a professional cricketer.
I joined in a class with a group of strangers who were training to be yoga teachers. In my very first session I was encouraged ‘to try for a headstand’ . My initial reaction was absolute terror. I can barely do warrior!!!! Just try and if you can’t do it today, don’t worry, you can try again tomorrow’ I will never forget these words. By the end of two weeks, I could maintain a head stand, I was practicing handstands (without a wall and without fear) and could jump from Down Dog into Crow!
Padma and her teachers have the ability to remove the fear. They celebrate and focus you on the joy of the process and as such gain results far faster than I would have thought possible. I now coach young cricketers and try to replicate the joyful learning environment I so enjoyed at Pink Flowers. I repeat those magical words ‘Just try, and if you can’t do it today, don’t worry, you can try again tomorrow’ to all my athletes. The results speak for themselves. Thank you Padma:)

Louise, South Africa (student in April 2016) Review Padmakarma yoga
Signing up for Padlouise review padmakarma yoga keralama’s 200hr YTT was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Although I had never visited Kerala before, or met Padma in person, something about her website and the videos resonated with me and I felt a natural pull to go there. That month was transformational – on so many levels. Prior to the course, I had undergone a surgery that resulted in me losing weight and strength, but after 2 weeks of daily yoga, I felt my power coming back and I developed renewed confidence in my body. I never thought I could do a headstand but …voila, after the first or second class we all could! The YTT turned my world upside down – in a good way! It cleared out all the stagnant emotions that had been building up over the past few years and the daily yoga improved my digestion and energy enormously. I loved the group of people that I met and formed close friendships from all over the world.  My only regret was that I didn’t stay on for a week or two after the yoga course finished in order to spend time and travel with some of them! Our days were busy, but Padma encouraged us to listen to our bodies take rest when we needed and was always there to help us whether it be emotionally.  She has a lovely, relaxed teaching style and our days were filled with a lot of laughter. The fact that I loved the course despite the sweltering heat in Kerala is testament to how amazing this experience was for me. Thank you!

review padmakarma yoga india

Fukos Review Padmakarma yoga
(日本語/In Japanese)

20159月にKovalam Beachを旅行で訪れた際、Padmaのイブニングクラスに参加しました。自然に囲まれたPink Flowerの雰囲気や、Padmaの丁寧な指導そして人柄に惹かれ、ここでヨガを学びたいと直感的に思いTeachers Training Course(TTC)に申し込みました。ヨガを始めてから1年弱の私がTTCのトレーニングについていけるのだろうかと不安もありましたが、基礎から分かりやすく構成されたメニューのお陰で、ヨガについて多角的に深く学ぶことができました。また、世界中から集まった13名のチームメイトからはその後の人生観を変える沢山のアイディアや勇気をもらいました。


ぜひ一度Pink Flowerを訪れてみて下さい。きっと素敵な出会いがあるはずです。

(In English)

I met with Padma first time when I traveled Kovalam Beach in September, 2015. I was participated in the evening yoga class at that time. Padma’s well experienced teaching style and her personality were so attractive for me as well as the atmosphere of the Pink Flower which is surrounded by nature. I got an inspiration that “I want to learn Yoga from her at this place.” then I applied to the Teachers Training Course (TTC). At first time I worried about my less experience of Yoga which was less than one year, and also I was not confident whether I would be able to complete the training. However thanked to the perfectly designed course structure, I could learn about Yoga from variety of angles in deeply. And also, the thirteen team mates who gathered from all over the world gave me a lot of ideas and courage for the life.

“Be honest to yourself, and live in this moment.” The one month is the time to lean and face with Yoga, however in the meantime it is the precious time to face with oneself in positive way. This is the message I received throughout the training.

Please visit Pink Flower once. There will be a wonderful time.

Megan_Ashton review padmakarma yoga teacher training kerala Megan’s review on PadmaKarma

When I decided to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training in India, I quickly became overwhelmed by the amount of school options available to me. I wanted somewhere that would help me learn and perfect asanas and how to teach a class, but I also wanted a school that focused on the other aspects of yoga (meditation, philosophy, relaxation etc). Anyways, after days of research and deliberation I stumbled upon Padmas site, I sent her an email, and her warm, loving and welcoming response sealed the deal instantly for me.

Arriving in India, I had Padmas personal driver waiting for me at the airport which was a great way to start my trip, and I was taken to the most idyllic yoga location – a rooftop yogashala surrounded by palm trees and nature and a mere two minute walk to the beach (you can hear the ocean from the studio).

All of us (students_ had different levels of yoga experience ranging from just a few drop in classes (me) to 10 years…but within a couple weeks we were all so flexible, doing things that we never thought possible and looked like pros. Padma has this gentle way of encouraging her students without ever pushing too far, and her strong belief in all of us helped us to achieve asanas such as the headstand, the crow, the scorpio etc that without proper training can take years.

We spent a great deal of time practicing teaching on each other (which is beneficial even if you aren’t planning on teaching, because you learn so much from each other and get to practice and perfect the asanas in the process). At the end of it, all of us were able to teach a 90 minute class with knowledge, ease and confidence.

I cant say enough about Padmas ability to teach yoga, she truly is gifted. And the food provided during the course was always 100% fresh, healthy and delicious. When we weren’t in school, it was amazing to be able to take walks along the beach and nice to just stroll along the boardwalk in the quaint small, extremely safe town where the yoga school is located. All in all, it was an incredible experience and I cant wait to go teach and spread all the knowledge that Padma has shared with me!


Amber review Padmakarma .

I came across Padma online, at first glance I had a warm feeling. I had very little yoga experience before starting the 200 hour teacher training course. With this course experience is not necessary, you only need  to believe and have faith. Padma is lovely, kind and as has a sense of humour. She has total belief in her students, that we can achieve anything we put our mind to. Her teaching style is calm yet energetic. Padma teaches you all you need to know, from what a true yogic life style is, to Pranayama breathing, asana’s, meditation and chanting. From the start of the course Padma gave us a sequence to practice and teach to others in the class daily, so when the practical exam came I was very confident.
With the help of Padmas knowledge and guidance I went from passing the course to teaching straight away. I am very proud of my self and of what I have achieved in such a short time, this is down to Padmas belief in me, which helped me believe in my self. Namaste Guru Padma, until we meet again.


Marie review Padmakarma.
Padma is a wonderful teacher who takes you on this yoga journey together with her. She is always present, always available to answer your questions and very attentive during the yoga classes, knowing exactly when and where corrections are to be made and when to push you just that little bit further. As I am new to yoga this was all important to me. I can recommend doing TTC here with all my heart. Enjoy!

Fabio Savorelli reviews PadmaKarma yoga ttc keralaFabio Savorelli (Parama Shivam), Milan Italy says

Three years ago I attended yoga sessions with Padma.I appreciated her way of ntroducing me step by step in the world of yoga.I couldn’t forget this experience, and this year I came back to India thinking about the possibility to became myself a yoga teacher. I felt deeply that I could choose the yogic path as part of my life. I attended a six weeks teachers training course with Padma. I worked very hard, during group class and individually with Padma. I learnt  yoga practice, pranayama, yoga philosophy, chanting and meditation. The school is located in a beautiful setting, in the jungle and near the see, where the concentration and the peace of the mind comes naturally. With Padma you slowly enter in the concept that yoga is within you and her kindness and long experience in teaching yoga guide you to become a good teacher.I thank Padma of her help.

1391951258_imageMona Dittman, Denmark says

I Undertook a teacher training course with Padma,  which has been such a great experience in so many levels for me. Padma is so passionate and committed to yoga – There is no doubt that the yoga is the goal of her life, and it has a strong inpact on you as a student. Padma gave me confidence to go back to Denmark start teaching in my on shala. Padma is for me a unique inspiration and I am always looking forward for my next visit to her Indian shala.

1391927315_imagePenelope Caswell, United Kingdom, says

Padma is a loving teacher who radiates kindness and generosity towards her students. Her classes are dynamic and challenging and I felt myself grow stronger and more flexible as I deepened my practice under her guidance. Each class left me feeling refreshed, content and ready for more. Many thanks to a great teacher and friend for sharing her extensive knowledge and yoga experience, always with a big warm smile

1390743527_imageRosie Walford, Life Coach, New Zealand, says

Padma is hospitable and generous, spirited. After teaching or massaging you, she might take you to the best local tailor or share a good laugh, or cook you a delicious curry